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Behind The Seen BTS organics

was created from the imagination of  a mother/daughter makeup artist duo, who care about nature, nutrition, and keeping it real. Our products are handcrafted, cruelty free, that don't contain toxic ingredients that can harm you, like parabens, PEGs, and pesticides, and the packaging is made from recycled plastic, or amber glass to protect it from light.

BTS organics are "Conscious cosmetics for a better planet".

Pamela is a licensed esthetician and artist, who also taught makeup for over 20 years, and has over 28 years experience in the beauty industry. She has written several articles on skincare and makeup, and has travelled the globe giving seminars and demonstrations on skin care and makeup, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco, Japan, Thailand and South Africa.  Her background in natural medicine as a Shiatsu therapist, yoga and meditation instructor, herbalist and nutritional counselor, combines with her knowledge of makeup and skincare to provide the basis for her creation of organic skincare & makeup. 

Teal grew up as a vegetarian, and from an early age of 4, could identify wildflowers and herbs by name. She thrived in a natural setting of Northern California, surrounded by native plants, and animals. She has always had a natural talent for art, and make up became one of her mediums of choice, as she grew up with her mother, the makeup artist.  Teal has been a celebrity makeup artist for over 20 years.

"Behind the seen" can mean many things;
- It can describe what goes into the image that we see, including the background, history, caring, and nourishing of that creative moment.
- In the film industry, it is all the work of the film crew that creates what we see on the screen, as a final result of many artists coming together to create a visual story.  
- At BTS Organics our intention is to nourish the skin, with a symphony of organic skin treatments that provide a better canvas, especially for the health conscious make up artist to create what is seen by others and/or the camera.
- In everyday life -it is what is behind, or beyond, what others see, the lifestyle, the emotions, and intention that we embrace.