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I am a licensed esthetician in the state of California, and my daughter, Teal is a celebrity makeup artist that works for print, film and television. I am semi-retired, still working part time at a dermatology office and still teach part time at a makeup school in Los Angeles.

I am currently a cancer patient, as well, for the past 4 years. Thankfully, I am no longer on chemotherapy, but solely on immunotherapy and with very good results.  In fact, my last 3 CT scans were clear, showing no signs of tumors.

Because of my experience with medical issues,I am sympathetic to those who are facing similar battles.  Whether its is acne, or cancer or  anti-aging, I understand and respond with empathy and gentleness. My treatments are approached with sensitivity and compassion. I am honest and hard working and always remember the call to "do no harm". 

Teal is a talented makeup artist, who visualizes what would look best on you, according to your wishes. She is a visionary not only with makeup, but also with beauty in all forms. She is also an amazing floral designer, interior designer and has a passion for restoration of buildings and villages.

Nature’s Treasured Secrets 
Behind Beautiful Skin

organic skincare & makeup

We believe that what goes on your skin, is just as important what you put in your body, since 64% of what is applied topically is absorbed by the body. This is why we provide beauty products that are free from harsh manmade chemicals and pesticides, but instead rely on gentle botanical ingredients from nature. All of our products are gentle enough for sensitive skin, but we also offer skincare for those with ultra-sensitive skin. Our organic skincare & makeup are anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-acne.

Beauty truly is more than skin deep.


Teal and a friend at our house (before renovation) in the South of France. 

We purchased a vacation home in southern France in August 2018, which we promptly began to renovate this historical building. Although the local Mairie couldn't tell us the exact date of construction, it is listed as historical, and cannot change the exterior. We did repair and repaint the garage and front door and shutters in the same color. One of the things we like about France is it's history and the beautiful patina of it's story. There is no much natural surroundings and relaxed lifestyle, that appeals to my daughter and I.

Organic products made from nature, rather than chemically created in a lab, seems to us to be a natural solution for skin issues that sometimes react to the environmental assaults on our skin. Back to Nature.